Former Police Detective Tom Brook’s world is turned upside down when news of a shocking crime breaks. Years previously Tom investigated a series of abductions perpetrated by an assailant known as ‘The Crow’, who abducted women as their husbands helplessly watched. 

Believing the Crow is active again Tom persuades the police to place the family of the missing woman under his protection, into the safe house he runs with his partner Sam. And Tom soon resolves to stop the Crow once and for all.



Starring Stephen Moyer, Zoë Tapper, Ashley Walters, Sunetra Sarker, Jason Watkins
Story Written and Devised by Ed Whitmore & Tracey Malone
Created by Michael Crompton
Executive Producers Jill Green & Paula Cuddy
Producer Andrew Benson
Director Marc Evans 

Commissioned in the UK by ITV and represented internationally by All 3 Media. 

What the press said: 

"Autumn's not autumn unless you're watching telly from behind a cushion"

-Evening Standard

"The jittery scares and false alarms will keep you hiding behind the sofa"

-The Sun TV Magazine

"With beautiful Anglesey scenery and classy shots of Liverpool, this latest series of the crime drama looks just like a movie"

-Daily Mirror