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Inspired by real events the last series of FOYLE’S WAR explores the world of the American and German businesses that were accused of fuelling Hitler’s War Machine tangled history of the creation of the state of Israel in British Palestine, and a shocking scandal within the Special Operations Executive.

On the last – ever series of FOYLE’S WAR in the dingy, politically jumbled world of post-war London, the dogged Foyle, continues to drive his MI5 bosses crazy while meeting out justice to black marketeers, proto-fascists and Zionist terrorists. 


Starring Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks
Created by Anthony Horowitz
Written by Anthony Horowitz
Executive Produced by Jill Green & Nicole Finnan
Produced by John Chapman
Directed by Stuart Orme and Andy Hay

Commissioned in association with Acorn Media Limited by ITV and sold internationally by All3Media International.

What the press said:

“Foyle’s War “ends on a perfect note.”

— The New York Times

"Although the show is no history lesson, its motor is always Foyle solving a crime, it presents us with thorny historical conundrums no detective could ever solve."

— National Public Radio

"A case for an Emmy (or more) for 'Foyle's War"

— Los Angeles Times